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Continually worrying about Justice, sometimes from a Christian perspective.

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Mar 6, 2022

Special guest Dave talks with Andy about how the church educated them about sex and sexuality, and what aspects of that education and culture they want to leave behind: in particular, the sense that making a single mistake could ruin your life, or put you beyond the reach of God's love.

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Feb 21, 2022

Andy, Leah and Jörg try to understand how a God who exists and interacts with our world could allow such awful things to happen, inspired by the interview with Andy (a different Andy, whose son Jake died very young), and his decision to have unconditional love for God.

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Feb 6, 2022

Andy, Jörg and Leah struggle with the western-centric, exploitation-focussed discussion on the economy, and explore what we can learn from the Bible about how to run a country. Rather than tweaking the system to run smoothly, should we expect inequalities to develop and build in resets? Does Christian wisdom about...

Jan 23, 2022

Content warning: discussion of the death of a child.

Special guest Andy describes his life story, including the death of his son Jake, by describing pictures he painted at different times in his life. Andy talks about how his early Christian faith, with an emphasis on positivity and trust in God to look after us, did...

Dec 5, 2021

Special guest Sue talks to Leah, Jörg and Andy about the way western economic thought has dealt with the welfare of people through history, and discusses what tools economists, politicians and the rest of us can use to fight the climate crisis.

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